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My name is Sam Stirling and I live in Dursley with my hubby and two girls. Together with my mum Nikki, we founded Wild Jasmine Events.


I got married in 2016 at stunning Orchardleigh House in Frome. An elegant, 19th Century stately home in the heart of the Somerset countryside.


From the day I got engaged I knew what style I wanted for the Big Day and soon got Mum involved in the process. It took a whole year though of pinteresting, planning and gathering for my vision to become a reality. We spent evenings scouring websites, googling wedding centrepieces and buying samples of ribbon & chiffon. At weekends we collected jars, visited fayres and trawled shops. We loved every second of it. When the big day came it wasn't without it's hiccups - rain when I planned to get married outside! But it was the best day of my life and Mum often says it was the best day of hers too!


That was 2 years a go now. Fast-forward to present day, and the buzz for weddings

and parties hasn't diminished. That's why we decided to start our own business

helping other people create a day they'll never forget. We just love the planning

and organising it takes to create a day as important as getting married. 

Who We Are

It all started when my daughter Sam got married. From the moment she was engaged, the planning began. I wanted everything to be perfect and soon realised to source everything ourselves was the answer. I only wanted the best for Sam, making sure that all our props were exactly what she wanted. I realised pretty quickly that the bride is always right! If I could have that time again, I would in a flash. So I have the next best thing, bringing all the love and attention to our clients and making their day their best just like ours was. I had the best time ever.


I was able to create personal pieces of artwork just for Sam and I haven't looked back. I've always enjoyed being creative with art and design. From working on personal art projects, designing backdrops for local school children to dressing family parties. I absolutely love getting crafty! 

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